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 U Hotels & Resorts

Uncomplicated. Inspiring. You.

The brand was created with today travellers in mind and their expectations. U Hotels & Resorts is an uncomplicated bijoux deluxe hotel brand that is a stimulating blend of local heritage and design accents that pair with modern amenities, services and facilities to unobtrusively encourage sophisticated target customers eager to enjoy the local environment.

U Hotels & Resorts brand target is the experienced traveller with a curious mind. This is a sophisticated, self-reliant individual not afraid to enjoy, share and get involved, who see things differently and seeks new experiences, global and local, and who can balance their lifestyle and their need for accomplishments. U Hotels & Resorts will consist of a maximum 200 rooms/suites and in some cases will include a residential element.

Operating and under development: Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, India, Indonesia and Europe

Download :  U Hotels & Resorts Brand Presentation

 Eastin Grand Hotels

A 5 star luxury brand created to base on relevance to market and the desires of targeted customers. The brands provide value and consistency through flexible venues and services with added value to serve the desires of business and leisure travelers.

Operating and under development : Thailand and Vietnam

Download :  Eastin Grand Hotels Brand Presentation

 Eastin Hotels & Residences

Value for all occasions.

A deluxe 4 star commercial brands created to base on relevance to market and the needs of targeted customers. The brands provide value and consistency through flexible venues and services with added value to serve the needs of business and leisure travellers.

Eastin Hotels & Residences brandís target customers are value hunters looking for comfort and convenience at the right price with maximum flexibility to serve purpose of their visit, whether business or pleasure.†

Operating and under development: Thailand, India and Vietnam.

Download :  Eastin Hotels & Residences Brand Presentation

 Eastin Easy

Take it easy

A 3 star hotel brand based on relevance to market and the needs of today travelers. The brand provides comfortable accommodation, breakfast plus approachable services and simple facilities for business and leisure travelers.

Eastin Easy consist of a minimum 80 rooms/suites.

Operating and under development: Thailand, Vietnam, India and Indonesia

Download :  Eastin Easy Brand Presentation


It is just Travelodgical!

A globally recognised midscale brand. The Travelodge brand is centered around you and providing the essentials for a home away from home experience. Stay in our thoughtfully designed hotel rooms and enjoy convenient amenities at your fingertips with complimentary high speed WiFi, tranquil beds and so much more.

Operating and under development: Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and India

Download :  Travelodge Brandbook

 Vienna House Asia

We believe in the beauty of simplicity.

The brand represents individuality, zeitgeist as well as design and positions itself as an international upscale hotel with passion for details - "chic but relaxed". Individuality and European hospitality in a pleasant environment come first - the theme will be reflected in all aspects and areas of the hotel, both in interior design and in storytelling. The aim is to fulfill the gap on the market by providing a unique hotel experience in a sophisticated modern led environment.

Operating and under development: Austria, Germany, France, Czech, Poland, Romania, Russia and Thailand.

Download :  Vienna House Asia Brand


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